India Markets in Numbers – Top sectors by Market Capitalisation

This is the first in a series of short data-centric posts on the universe of publicly listed companies in India. The data spans 10 years of financial performance of over 1,700 companies listed on the NSE across 100+ industry sectors. The series of posts tagged #indiamarketnumbers summarizes key takeaways and trends in sector growth, profitability, and stock performance. None of these posts should be construed as investment advice.

The Universe of listed Indian Companies

As of March 2018, the market cap of 1,723 companies listed on the NSE is at 1,50,54,158 INR Crores (2,162.8 USD Billions). This accounts for almost all of the listed company universe in India, with an error of about 1-2% for companies not present in this list due to being listed on other exchanges or plain data errors.

The Calm Investor | IndiaMarketNumbers


Top Sectors by Market Capitalisation

The Calm Investor | Top Sectors Market Cap 2018


  • As of March 2018, the top 30 sectors by market capitalisation constitute 80% of the publicly listed universe in India
  • Of these, just two, Banking and IT Consulting & Software make up 21%. Outside of the top 30 sectors, more than 80 other sectors make up the remaining 20% of market capitalisation
  • Within the top 30, there is significant difference in industry concentration i.e. number of listed companies. High (Oil & Gas, Cars & Utility Vehicles – Commercial vehicles classified as a different sector) and Low concentration (Pharmaceuticals, Construction & Engineering, Auto Parts & Equipment)
  • While the average market cap of listed companies in India is over USD 1 Bn (INR 8,157 Crores), median market cap (not mentioned in graphic) is much lower at INR 745 Crores

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