The complete list of 2019 stock recommendations

Deep sector expertise, vast networks of industry insiders, sophisticated spreadsheet models. The professionals have all these to do what every investor wants. To Beat the market. But do they?

The equity research departments of AMCs, investment banks, wealth managers have already given their 2019 stock recommendations. Some foresee volatility in macro factors and therefore recommend staying with defensive sectors like FMCG, while others expect a capital goods revival, while some expect stocks with rural exposure to do well in an election year.

This page tracks the 2019 stock picks of the major institutional investors along with their starting prices to track real-time how they do.

Bookmark this page and come back to it from time to time, to see how you’re doing against the professionals.

If you would like to see how the professionals did versus the market in 2018, read The 2018 professional stock pickers’ report card

The (almost) complete list of 2019 stock recommendations

Top 10 YTD

Research House Scorecard

This list is not a recommendation

What does The Calm Investor make of these recommendations? A top-down sector-driven method has never quite fit in my investing mental model. I looked at history and while being in the right sectors helps, I’m not good enough to be able to identify those sectors in advance. Does sector-picking trump stock-picking?

In my conversation with Raunak (Head Research at PPFAS Mutual Fund), he spoke of the importance of building sector-specific insights but being company-specific in investment decision-making.

Thinking about investing as a competitive sport is likely to be injurious to wealth. Tracking the outcomes of even brilliant investors while not understanding their process, allocation, and ability to tolerate losses, is like stepping into busy traffic blind-folded. Fixating on Buffett is hurting your returns

If you enjoy the process of fundamental analysis of companies and stocks, here are some great resources you can use. Fundamental Analysis Tools for Indian Investors.

Wish you a fantastic 2019!


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