2020 Stocks

Live tracker of all 2020 stocks recommended by major brokerages, investment banks, and fund houses. Bookmark this page if you’d like to periodically check how the recommendations from the professionals are doing.


The stocks listed on this page are for informational purposes only and not to be considered as recommendations
Price data is fetched from Google Finance, which is still notoriously buggy

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YTD Top 10 Stocks

The pesky #N/A errors appear where the same stock was recommended by more than one research outfit.

Research House Scorecard

The complete list of 2020 stock recommendations

Here’s the round up of how the 2019 stock recommendations by the professional did. 

Best Performing Stocks 2019

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If you’d like to see how the 2018 stock picks did: The 2018 professional stock-pickers report card

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