CalmInvestor Advisory

CALMInvestor Advisory
What Calm Investor Advisory offers

Financial planning is a broad field of work that means different things to different people. So it’s important to work with an advisor who can help you with your specific need.

The Calm Investor | Advisory Services

As a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (INA100009293), I focus on helping build wealth primarily through equities in the Indian capital markets.

The Outcome

The outcome of our engagement is a concise document with an equity portfolio designed specifically for your investment goals taking into account your risk capability and attitude. This includes position-sizing (target allocation), a timeline for deployment into identified stocks and suggested checkpoints for review.

Please note this is not an equity research or newsletter service. While I track companies and their on-going financial performance, I do not share detailed notes with financial projections and quarterly updates on individual companies.

How the process works

The Calm Investor | Advisory Services

  • Preliminary Information Gathering: Meant to ensure there is a fit between your needs, expectations and what I offer as an advisor. Also to gauge effort required to design your portfolio based on existing complexity
  • ‘Discovery’ Meeting: A detailed in-person or skype conversation to better understand your financial objectives, constraints and experience with financial products
  • Develop Investment Baseline: A critical component of the process is determining your capability and willingness (both mutually exclusive parameters) for risk. In addition, current holdings statements along with transaction history (where available) to help understand your investing personality and pitfalls
  • Investment Strategy & Implementation Plan: All inputs from previous steps go into determining a portfolio that maximises your chances of reaching your financial goals
    • The universe of stocks considered are those listed on NSE and/or BSE, down-selected based on quality and price criteria along with restrictions on market cap depending on your risk profile

If you’re still reading and think we could work together, please write in.

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