Keep your investing identity small

Instead of thinking of our chosen investment style as a fortress to be defended from attacks at all costs, maybe think of it as an idyllic picnic spot. We happened to find one on a stroll, put down our blanket, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. We will be ready to move on because we know we can return. But for the duration we’re there, we probably won’t be sending up flares announcing its location to the world.

Health advice that’s worked for me

No Net Worth number compensates for needing a neck, back, knee brace or medication to get through the day. The good thing, unlike time, being in the best physical / mental state you can be is not a perishable commodity. Fitness and working out are different for everybody. It takes more work depending on how … Read more

Let’s talk investing with Raunak Onkar

In the ‘Let’s talk investing‘ series, I spoke with Raunak Onkar, head of Research, and Fund Manager at PPFAS Mutual Fund. In this series, I write about my conversations with investment practitioners, people with real-world investment decision-making experience. My objective in these conversations is to understand their investment philosophy and process, to demystify, at least … Read more