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Knowing where to get started can be difficult. Here’s a compilation of most-visited, bookmarked and shared content.

The value investing metric that works best – Comparing returns from using various price-value metrics to identify value stocks

Can buying cheap NIFTY stocks beat the index? – A strategy that buys cheap EBIT/EV stocks rebalanced annually could outperform the NIFTY

IPOs – Imaginary Profits Only? – Why most IPOs are strictly avoidable for the value investor

The four types of investor stories – We buy and sell for our own reasons. Knowing what drives that behaviour is essential to becoming  good investor

Predicting Stock Market Returns – Not so fast! – A statistical analysis of Indian Stock Market data to answer the question – is it possible predict markets?

Buying your first stock – Getting started in the stock market can seem daunting, This post breaks it down so you can identify and buy your first stock

Decoding the PE of a stock – Price-Earnings or PE is the most-referenced metric when discussing stock valuations. What it implies about the growth potential of a company

The worst sector for investors – Globally, including India, this sector has tended to destroy the most value for investors. Something to keep in mind when deciding your shortlist

How much risk is right for you? – Some of us love bungee jumping while others find it needless reckless. It’s how we each perceive risk. Take this questionnaire to know what it means for your investing style

What eating pizza can teach us about wealth-building – There’s an economic law which explains why that 1st slice of fresh pizza tastes so good

Why we fail – We all do, all the time. But the reasons differ. Understanding them can only help

My three biggest investment mistakes –  An ego-swallowing exercise I did to identify my investing mistakes

The myth of real estate investing – Lots of anecdotes of surreal returns. But are they true?

The checklist approach to investing – Something I keep going back to when I feel the urge to buy a stock

Magazine subscriptions and the fault in our reasoning – Our decisions are not in our control as much as we’d like to think

What your decision-making style says about your behavioural biases – Take this short quiz to identify what biases you’re most susceptible

Difference between face value, book value and market value of a stock – Apparently one of the most searched questions

Think like a Bayesian – or why you shouldn’t just assume your partner is having an affair

Confessions of a value investor – Why I’ve struggled to define myself as one

What bad design can teach us about investor behaviour – How financial media is designed to hijack your investment performance

So many stocks, so little time – A practitioner’s guide to developing your portfolio

Mean reversion, the value investor’s secret weapon – Cycles are ubiquitous, something every investor needs to internalize

Beware advice from the successful – Why reading what made Elon Musk successful probably won’t help you