The Calm Investor turns 3 & The best of 2017

The Calm Investor | Best Investing Posts 2017

It’s been three fantastic years since I started The Calm Investor, to share nuggets from my experience and reading about investing in equities, biases in our thinking, work and life in general. Sitting down to put together a post to summarize or synthesize thoughts and books have made me more mindful about the way I read and think. So, thank you to all those who’ve visited for making me a better investor and a learner.

Some of the most-read posts in FY2017:

How the powerful investing concept of compounding applies to so much more, including living a healthier, better life

In a world where every app on our phones vies for our attention, doing meaningful work needs a conscious commitment to Deep Work

Learning from the best, be it investing or otherwise makes a lot of sense. However, it’s important to be aware of how, by looking at the successful, we might be falling prey to survivorship bias

Tough times never last, but tough people do. Or how the universal concept of mean reversion can be the value investor’s secret weapon

A practitioner’s tool to identify and shortlist stocks to invest in using a freely available tool. So many stocks, so little time

Eight rules from a successful contemporary investor. Guy Spier’s Eight Rules for Value Investing

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