Coverage of our Momentum Strategy on moneycontrol

I recently did an interview with the folks at moneycontrol to talk about our Momentum Strategy in the Capitalmind Wealth PMS:

Q) Your Multicap Momentum portfolio outperformed other PMS schemes by a wide margin in July. What was the strategy you were following?

Q) This is a relatively new scheme but if we look at the performance for three and six months or a year, it is an absolute stunner. So, what is the secret behind such robust performance?

Q) As a fund manager what is your investment philosophy? Any market guru you follow or books that you have read?

Q) What do you like to do when you are not crunching numbers?

Q) How did you start your investment journey?

Q) What is your advice to investors who started their investment journey in 2020? More than five million demat accounts have been added this year, so far.

Link to moneycontrol article

Performance of the Capitalmind Momentum PMS

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In case you’d like to know more, get in touch with me @CalmInvestor or check out our website: and you can even apply code CMTCI to get a special discount on the Premium membership 🙂

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