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The Calm Investor | Start HereSo you clicked a link or two and ended up here. Yay for us! Firstly, welcome and thanks for visiting.

If you’ve not been here often and are a beginner investor (aren’t we all!), this page will help you get started.

Quick answer to what ‘The Calm Investor’ site is:

  • meant as a repository of investing knowledge from first principles (no arcane and proprietary investing systems here)
  • based on my personal experience, largely from investing in the Indian equity markets, supplemented by readings on the subject
  • a distilled version of some of the most insightful content (books, annual reports, blogs) on the topic of investing. All of these are credited and links provided to the original source

Quick answer to what it is NOT:

  • an extensive technical or academic look at the universe of financial management with in-depth commentary on every asset class under the sun
  • a stock-tip service offering x00% returns in a few months

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Here are 10 posts ideal for you if you’re starting out on your investing journey. I’d advise reading them in the order below since they go from broader to more specific concepts.

How much risk is right for you?

The richest man in Babylon

How to buy your first stock?

Developing an investment philosophy

The investment strategy that beats the average investor – Part 1

The investment strategy that beats the average investor – Part 2

The trouble with mutual funds

The stocks investing checklist

So many stocks so little time

Are you a super investor or even an average one?

You can find some of the most popular posts here

If anything in the posts is unclear or seems wrong, there’s a good chance I screwed up or haven’t understood it well enough myself. I’d love it if you point out to me when that is the case. Also, if there are questions you have, please reach out to me thecalminvestor [at] gmail [dot] com.

Some excellent books to get started