India Market Update

This chart offers a snapshot view of how the broader market and the various sector indices have done over the last three years to the last three months

How to read this chart:

  • For each index, the chart shows returns over four time frames – 3 years, 1 year, 6 months and 3 months
  • The returns are calculated real-time i.e. from today’s date going back over the above periods
  • For an index, the length of the blue bar relative to the red, orange and green bars shows how the long-term returns compare with the short-term returns for that index. Example, for an index with a short blue bar and longer green or orange sections indicates a recent and sharp run up. The reverse, longer blue bars with much shorter green and red bars indicates of late the market seems to have lost interest in the sector / index
  • Rollover the chart to see specific information of how each index has done over a time frame

The 15 indices covered (in order from left to right) are:

  1. BSE Sensex
  2. BSE 100
  3. BSE 500
  4. BSE Midcap
  5. BSE Smallcap
  6. BSE Capital Goods
  7. BSE Consumer Durables
  9. BSE Power
  10. BSE PSU
  11. BSE Healthcare
  12. BSE Auto
  13. BSE Metals
  14. BSE Information Technology (IT)
  15. BSE Oil & Gas

Source: GoogleFinance, TCI Analysis

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    Sometime Google Finance acts up. Should be fixed now.

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