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The TCI Rapid XRay is a tool to quickly look at key financial metrics of a company to help decide whether to dive deeper before adding to your investment shortlist.


TCI Rapid XRay Tab Details

The Calm Investor | Best India Stock Analysis Tool

1 Key Financial Metrics Overview

The Calm Investor | TCI Rapid XRay Section 1

2 Profitability, Growth, Return and Operational Metrics and Trend Summary

The Calm Investor | TCI Rapid XRay Section 2

Note: The trend lines in the screenshot above are drawn using sparklines, an Office 2010 and later feature. In older versions of Office, the trend lines will not be visible, all other functionality is present.

3 Market Cap and Per Share Metrics Growth

The Calm Investor | Rapid XRay Section 3

4 Directional Valuation based on three frameworks (CFO-derived, FCF-perpetuity, DCF Conservative – Aggressive)

The Calm Investor | TCI Rapid XRay Product Detail

Note: The grey-shaded cells: Input (Max Interest / CFO) and Input (Cost of Debt) are editable to see the impact of higher discount rates on the valuation numbers

5 In-built charts summarizing CFO-derived price vs actual, EPS vs Price Growth

The Calm Investor | Best Stock Analysis Tool India

Available for immediate download.

For detailed instructions on setting up and using the template, click here


2 reviews for TCI Rapid XRay Premium

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Easy to use, highlights key information quickly. Good place to start analyzing companies.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    ROCE and FCF calculations are useful. Good to be able to try different FCF growth rates to check impact on fair price.

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