Introducing Calm Investor smallcases

Introducing Calm Investor smallcases allowing for one-click implementations and rebalancing.

In August last year, I wrote about my strategy of building a portfolio constructed on price momentum principles as a satellite to my core value portfolio. Almost out of academic curiosity, I offered a paid subscription to the portfolio.

The concept was simple, and the plan was to set up a google sheet with the current constituents and weights of the portfolio. Subscribers to the momentum portfolio would have access to the sheet and receive an email every time I rebalanced or made changes to the portfolio. Expecting no more than a dozen interested folks, I figured I would manage the whole thing manually.

Turns out this method was far from user-friendly. To implement the strategy, subscribers needed to create and rebalance their own portfolios, including calculating the amounts to invest in each stock based on the weights. Since most subscribers would have other holdings, they would quickly lose track of the returns from this specific strategy. At my end, I significantly underestimated the number of interested subscribers and the time and effort involved in maintaining historic results and updating subscriber details.

And so, the momentum portfolio stopped accepting new subscribers in November last year.

Until now. Introducing, Calm Investor smallcases. []. Yes, this post is a plug 🙂

Vasanth (@vasanthkamath), Anugrah (@anugrah_srivas), and Rohan have created a unique product that enables investors to invest in curated baskets of stocks by adding them to a “smallcase” and assigning the total amount to be invested. If you’re not familiar with smallcases, I suggest taking a look here:

The Calm Investor | Best Momentum Portfolio

There are currently two smallcases, Calm Investor Core Value, and Calm Investor Momentum. They are private smallcases, available by subscription with direct access to invest in the constituent stocks.

The Calm Investor | momentum and value investing

Note that you have to be using one of these brokerages to be able to access smallcases

smallcase brokerages

For more details about the Calm Investor smallcases, backtested results, and more information, please click here.

For any questions about these smallcases, do write in to thecalminvestor [at] gmail [dot] com or connect with @CalmInvestor on twitter.

Happy Investing!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Calm Investor smallcases

  • June 6, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Is your small case based on your DMA analysis or something totally different?

  • June 7, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    How’s the response been? saw you recently join the capitalmind slack group, and guest post on the blog. Would you collaborate with their momentum portfolio as well?

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