The Enduring Myth of Great Companies

This post was first published on I remember the precise moment I had my first doubts about books on management success.  In one of my earliest jobs, as a fresh management consulting associate, we used to get assigned books at random by the partners we reported to. Predictably, these were from management lessons and … Read more

How likely is a 12% return over the long term?

A recent tweet citing Mint analysis talks about how the probability of higher returns increases with increasing investment horizon. The numbers looked a bit off, so I recreated the analysis using the Nifty 50 Total Returns Index. The numbers in each of the cells are higher than what is shown in the analysis cited in … Read more

The best-performing Nifty Indices in charts

NSE has a ton of equity indices, 96 of them. Removing a bunch of the repetitive ones, we are still left with over 50. Chart below shows their CAGR since inception. All the way from 23% (Midcap150 Momentum50) to -3% (Realty). The Nifty has clocked 14% over 24 years. Worst drawdowns. Realty fell 93% from … Read more

How non-programmers can use Chatgpt’s Code Interpreter to kickstart analysis

This post is also published on By now everyone has heard about chatgpt, and most likely other publicly available Large Language Models (LLMs) like Anthromorphic’s claude, Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing Chat (built on chatgpt). Predictably there are hundreds of takes about the impact of AI on work and life in general. Depending on … Read more

FOMO as a Sales tool

The typical Amazon product page has almost 10 elements meant to nudge us to buy the product. All businesses utilise FOMO-nudges to stand out in a crowded marketplace to sell. Investing is no different. But FOMO as a sales tool in investing looks different. As of writing this, markets have been recovering and making new highs. There will be no shortage of sales nudges implying innate brilliance and visions of quick returns. The more you understand them, the less effective the nudges become.